Making Sense of Google’s Robots.txt Contradictions

If you’re in SEO these days, as much as you’re suspicious of Google, you also have to make sure to keep up with what they tell the webmaster community so that you can give the best recommendations to your clients.  For me, one of the main places I go to follow this information is Barry Schwartz’s site, Search Engine Roundtable.  During one of my reading sessions last week, I saw Barry’s article about John Mueller’s Google Webmaster Central Hangout, and I bookmarked it to watch later because the video was almost an hour long. Finally, yesterday, I got around to watching the video, and I noticed a couple of seeming contradictions between what John said and what his colleague Gary Illyes said a month earlier here.
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Free Screenshot Tools We Love (and Hate)

We all have tools that we depend on to make our jobs as online marketers easier. When one of these tools betrays us, all hell can break loose and some mild expletives might be heard coming from our desks.  Such is the tale of Skitch – our handy, supposedly trustworthy screen capture tool. I love free screen snap tools that have markup functions. They are super helpful for troubleshooting with clients (client: “I don’t see that random thing on our website that you are talking about” me: “here is a handy screenshot with an arrow pointing to the issue”) and in client presentations.

Skitch. Oh, Skitch. At one time you were our life saver and now you freeze our computers, rendering our laptops unusable until we restart. Half of our office did not do the latest Skitch update so they can still use our preferred screenshot tool. I hate them. [Read more…]

Getting Engaged: The Social Theme of KahenaCon

KahenaCon was a great experience if you knew how to utilize it.  As with most industry conferences, a definite theme emerged from the line up of speakers, although it seems there was a bit of a cacophony on what overall message KahenaCon might have delivered.

The main topic was clearly engagement.  Gilad de Vries of Outbrain made it clear in his presentation that acquisition of social media followers is pointless without ‘feeding the beast’ once they’ve been gotten.  Kate Morris made it clear businesses always need someone willing to and able to strike up conversations with people on Facebook or Twitter.  Eitan Chitayat made it the centerpiece of his presentation.

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JWP Presentation – Tools for Onsite SEO Audits

I had the pleasure of presenting today at the Jerusalem Web Professionals monthly meetup. The session was entitled “Seminar on Advanced SEO Tactics”, and joining me on the panel were Gab Goldenberg of SEORoi and David Miles of Guided Sales. It was a great day and I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and follow up Q&A. Thanks to Charlie, Noam, and the whole J-Town crew for putting it together and letting me speak. Here’s my deck:

Tools for SEO Onsite Audits

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If you have any questions, just leave ’em in the comments and I’ll try to answer as best as I can.

Kahenacon 2012 Presentation – Chasing the Penguin

Full sample Excel spreadsheet with formula awesomeness and pivot table love available for download here!

Here’s my full deck – enjoy, and let me know in the comments if you have any other suggestions about pivot tables and backlink analysis. Thanks!