Free Screenshot Tools We Love (and Hate)

We all have tools that we depend on to make our jobs as online marketers easier. When one of these tools betrays us, all hell can break loose and some mild expletives might be heard coming from our desks.  Such is the tale of Skitch – our handy, supposedly trustworthy screen capture tool. I love free screen snap tools that have markup functions. They are super helpful for troubleshooting with clients (client: “I don’t see that random thing on our website that you are talking about” me: “here is a handy screenshot with an arrow pointing to the issue”) and in client presentations.

Skitch. Oh, Skitch. At one time you were our life saver and now you freeze our computers, rendering our laptops unusable until we restart. Half of our office did not do the latest Skitch update so they can still use our preferred screenshot tool. I hate them. [Read more…]

Google Street View Comes to the Holy Land

Hey Everybody,

Google Street View is now available in Israel for the cities of Jerusalem, Haifa, and Tel Aviv. Here’s the video:

I remember one day when I was on my way to my previous job in the center of town in Jerusalem, and I saw the Google car (there’s gotta be a catchier name for that, right?) sitting on the curb right outside our office. As a bunch of SEOs, you start to get paranoid. Who really believes all those cameras and gadgets on top of the car are taking pictures of the streets of Jerusalem? They’re really there to spy on us sketchy Internet Marketers 🙂

Anyway, it was a pretty exciting moment for me, and I’m glad to see that Google has put these landmarks literally on the map.

As a side note, I hope to write in the near future about the SEO (or lack thereof) of Yad Vashem, the Holocaust memorial and museum here in Jerusalem (I worked there for three years on the Internet team), who is mentioned in the blog post and has partnered with Google on multiple programs in the past. Check back soon for it – should be a good one!

Learning to Be Better

Some of the greatest ideas and inspiration in regards to SEO and Internet Marketing are often found by borrowing ideas and concepts from other fields and aspects of life. I believe one of the most important traits an SEO can possess is curiosity and inquisitiveness, the drive to look at something else and say “Wow, that’s really interesting, and I can totally apply that in my field.” Why do I ramble such? Because I recently had the privilege of borrowing an amazing book from our friend, who is a doctor of Emergency Medicine. The book was written by a surgeon and completely centered on medicine. My wife, who is a voracious reader, had finished reading whatever she could get her hands on, and had borrowed the book from our friend in desperation. After she finished it in a day and a half, I decided to pick it up, and am truly thankful that I did. [Read more…]

Adwords, Car Commericals, and That Game Called the Super Bowl

I saw an interesting article published yesterday in the automobile blog section of the Wall Street Journal about a PPC battle between GM and Chrysler during the Super Bowl . GM marketing chief Joel Ewanick, realizing that the Chrysler’s ads were kicking their butt with Eminem’s uber-discussed “Imported from Detroit” ad, quickly shot out an email to his staff ordering them to bid on Chrysler’s tag line of “Imported from Detroit”. The article also goes on to claim that they were bidding on other terms relating to some of the other great commercials from the game, such as Volkswagen’s Darth Vader ad. Recognizing the success of these ads and the potential searches that would be taking place as a result of them, GM began bidding on the terms related to these ads to try and garner some of the interest and subsequent PPC search volume resulting from the ads.

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A Rockin Update to Facebook Pages

Facebook has made major updates to Pages, making them a lot more interactive, functional and easy to maintain. Here’s a look at some of the updates and what they mean for you:

Photos at the top just like in the new profile

While some complained about the photos that are now shown at the top in the new user profiles, others used their creativity to create cool Facebook profile photo hacks. This feature is now integrated in the Page as well, making Pages appear more like user profiles. For admins worried about brand integrity and reputation management, have no fear: only photos uploaded by the page administrators to the wall of the page and photos tagged by the Page will show up in this section.

Use Facebook as Your Page

Gone are the days when Facebook forced you to violate their terms of service if you wanted to interact with others as your page and not yourself. Instead of having to open an account with your company name in order to post on other pages and interact with other Facebook users, which was a violation of Facebook’s TOS and something they could theoretically shut down your account and page over, now you can interact on Facebook as your page. All you have to do is click on the “Use Facebook as your page link” on the right hand side, or from Account in the top menu, and, voila, you are now the Page and no longer yourself. You can interact with others, post on people’s walls, get notifications, and the works. The lack of notifications in the old form of Pages was a big hassle for anyone trying to manage a Page who was concerned about hateful user posts to the page. You would have to constantly check the page to see if anything had changed. Now, you can get notifications.

Facebook is also allowing you to do the opposite. You can post on a page you administer as yourself and not as the page. Thus, if you are an alumni of the Page you administer, you can both act as yourself, interacting with your former classmates and friends under your own name, and administer the page at the same time. Gone are the days of logging in to that Facebook company account that violates the TOS simply to maintain your ability to comment on the page as yourself.

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