Google and Microsoft Are At It Again!

Google is under attack once again – not from Facebook this time, but from Microsoft. An ad that is making the rounds of the social media world, titled “O365 MGX Copy wmv”, is actually a rather entertaining indictment of Google’s targeted advertising of Gmail users based on contextual ads in Gmail. Here’s the video:

While I get that Google has the right to look at my email and target ads to me based on the content of those emails (heck, they are providing me a free email account and lots of data storage :)), this Microsoft ad, which at the current moment is unlisted in YouTube, is a pretty harsh smear of Gmail. [Read more…]

Adwords, Car Commericals, and That Game Called the Super Bowl

I saw an interesting article published yesterday in the automobile blog section of the Wall Street Journal about a PPC battle between GM and Chrysler during the Super Bowl . GM marketing chief Joel Ewanick, realizing that the Chrysler’s ads were kicking their butt with Eminem’s uber-discussed “Imported from Detroit” ad, quickly shot out an email to his staff ordering them to bid on Chrysler’s tag line of “Imported from Detroit”. The article also goes on to claim that they were bidding on other terms relating to some of the other great commercials from the game, such as Volkswagen’s Darth Vader ad. Recognizing the success of these ads and the potential searches that would be taking place as a result of them, GM began bidding on the terms related to these ads to try and garner some of the interest and subsequent PPC search volume resulting from the ads.

[Read more…]