Getting Engaged: The Social Theme of KahenaCon

KahenaCon was a great experience if you knew how to utilize it.  As with most industry conferences, a definite theme emerged from the line up of speakers, although it seems there was a bit of a cacophony on what overall message KahenaCon might have delivered.

The main topic was clearly engagement.  Gilad de Vries of Outbrain made it clear in his presentation that acquisition of social media followers is pointless without ‘feeding the beast’ once they’ve been gotten.  Kate Morris made it clear businesses always need someone willing to and able to strike up conversations with people on Facebook or Twitter.  Eitan Chitayat made it the centerpiece of his presentation.

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A Rockin Update to Facebook Pages

Facebook has made major updates to Pages, making them a lot more interactive, functional and easy to maintain. Here’s a look at some of the updates and what they mean for you:

Photos at the top just like in the new profile

While some complained about the photos that are now shown at the top in the new user profiles, others used their creativity to create cool Facebook profile photo hacks. This feature is now integrated in the Page as well, making Pages appear more like user profiles. For admins worried about brand integrity and reputation management, have no fear: only photos uploaded by the page administrators to the wall of the page and photos tagged by the Page will show up in this section.

Use Facebook as Your Page

Gone are the days when Facebook forced you to violate their terms of service if you wanted to interact with others as your page and not yourself. Instead of having to open an account with your company name in order to post on other pages and interact with other Facebook users, which was a violation of Facebook’s TOS and something they could theoretically shut down your account and page over, now you can interact on Facebook as your page. All you have to do is click on the “Use Facebook as your page link” on the right hand side, or from Account in the top menu, and, voila, you are now the Page and no longer yourself. You can interact with others, post on people’s walls, get notifications, and the works. The lack of notifications in the old form of Pages was a big hassle for anyone trying to manage a Page who was concerned about hateful user posts to the page. You would have to constantly check the page to see if anything had changed. Now, you can get notifications.

Facebook is also allowing you to do the opposite. You can post on a page you administer as yourself and not as the page. Thus, if you are an alumni of the Page you administer, you can both act as yourself, interacting with your former classmates and friends under your own name, and administer the page at the same time. Gone are the days of logging in to that Facebook company account that violates the TOS simply to maintain your ability to comment on the page as yourself.

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