What the Heck is SEO Anyway?

You’ve seen it, I’ve seen it, we’ve all seen it. That blank faced, eyes off in the distance, nod of the head. Oh, SEO, that sounds cool. The usual reaction to “Hi, I’m Mark. What do I do? Oh, I work in SEO.” That’s often a conversation killer. The truth is, most people don’t know what we do. And the plethora of misinformation out there painting a negative picture of who we and about the profession we practice doesn’t do us any favors. For every well written explanatory piece about SEO in the mainstream media there are five NYTimes JCPenney SEO scumbag articles out there. Our profession’s sexy 3 letter acronym is sometimes seen as less inviting than some of the acronyms employed by the US military, like nuclear, biological, and chemical warfare (NBC).
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